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Think you can trust surveys? I’m gonna tell you that most people don’t know what they want. If you want to know what they want, see what they’ll commit to. One way to do that is to ask for the sale. Example: Ask your lady friend what kind of guy she likes and wants. Got
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Have you ever seen someone who wants to cross the road, but doesn’t press the button for the green man to appear when the lights change? Do you think it’s the same with many ads or website content that you can see almost everywhere? They stand there looking like they want customers, but don’t ask
This was a question posed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in their Facebook post on Jan 6th 2018 In the video, Minister Ng Chee Meng said that he’d put more effort into learning his mother tongue… But here’s what I’d do if I could relive my school days: I’ll learn practical stuff like sales, marketing
I think my first brush with a WordPress-based website was probably in 2010, when I was in St Luke’s? I think back then, we got a new website thanks to some grants… And I still recall somewhat clearly, during the training, that we were warned not to update the website, lest it crashes etc. I
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Drayton Bird had a bit of trouble with his websites over the Christmas and New Year holidays, thanks to some hosting problems… And his www.AskDrayton.com and www.DraytonBird.com websites were down, and strangely, redirected to a totally different site. Anyway, turns out that he was using a host company that’s now owned by EIG. Not sure
13 helpful observations for SME owners to do better than your rival… From someone who has worked in a couple of SMEs: 1) Get your sales script recorded down, especially if you have a good or top salesman who seems to sell very well. Why? Because, chances are, you can replicate his script with similar
How To Make Your Emails More Personal Instantly, Without Having To Be a Copywriting Pro Ever wondered why no one seems to be responding to your emails, despite your best efforts? There are quite a number of reasons, and one of them could be because the one receiving your email doesn’t feel “warmed up”. Or
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Wondered how to pair Garmin Fenix 3HR to your iOS11 device? Especially after noticing that it suddenly stopped sending you smart notifications? Here’s what I did that got it back: In your iPhone (or other device), go to Settings, Bluetooth, and select the Garmin Fenix 3HR and “Forget This Device” Go to your Garmin app
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