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RHA MA650 Wireless
How To Pair the RHA MA650 Wireless To Your iPhone… And What To Do If You Can’t Answer Calls In case you were as eager to use your new pair of RHA MA650 Wireless as I was, skipped the instruction manual and were Googling to see how to pair it to your iPhone, here’s how:
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Concorde Security Alan Chua
To whom it may concern: Theo created a much more professional-looking website for Concorde. This has helped to present us in a much better light, and aligns with our efforts in industry-changing technology. He has given us a website that is easy to maintain and add new content ourselves, and his speed and level of
“ Yes Theo De Roza is a very good copywriter! A very friendly and helpful guy. Go engage his service! Highly recommended!” “ I recommend because you are good, no need to thank me. Thank yourself for all the good deeds you have done! I only remember what you have done 🙂” by Vanessa Wong
Hi everyone, here’s how to sync Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP camera to your phone. We just got this nifty little camera a few days ago, and had a spot of trouble adding it to our phone via the MiHome app. (To use the camera, you must and can download the MiHome app via
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A Short Post On How To Make a WordPress Website Hi everyone! I decided to write this short post on how to make a WordPress website because I thought this info will be useful for not only my friends and relatives who want to know how to do so… But also for any one of
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Why a list of recommended copywriting books mixed with marketing ones together? If you’ve noticed, the pro direct response copywriters like Drayton Bird, Robert W. Bly, Herschel Gordon Lewis and Steve Slaunwhite, just to name a few, are all expert marketers. When I was researching which titles to buy, I found that advertising, copywriting and marketing all
“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.” — Robert Collier This is one of the best quotes for anyone who wants someone else’s business. Need local examples? Circles.Life Grab (Taxi) Everyone was getting tired of the shit the big boys were doling out to their customers: Us. At the back of
Have trouble getting sales, defining or refining your business? Here are 20 questions to help you know yourself better. 1) Are you unique? 2) Are you cheaper? (Note that the bargain basement is a very uncomfortable place to be) 3) Are you quicker? 4) Are you better value? 5) Are you safer? 6) Are you
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Theo De Roza Website SEO Copywriting review by NZ Sheepmilk Singapore
“I just want to say thank you to Theo for his help in hosting and setting up my website for me. I’m a noob when it comes to this but Theo was a great help and offered clear good advices when I need to set up my business website. I don’t know how he do