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One of the best ways to prevent sales is to use LOTS of marketing jargon and do your very best to sound like an a-hole at the same time. Don’t believe me? See what Drayton Bird has to say here.
How many contact forms should you put in your website? One? Two? More? Bro tip for folks who’re running/building their own website… Put email contact forms on EVERY (product/brand/sales) page. My rationale behind this is to make it as easy as possible for people to send you an enquiry. This is also to remove the
This evening, my wife received a letter from a Chief Marketing Officer of an insurance company, that leaves her none the wiser, is quite possibly near hopeless at selling, and gives, what I feel, “cold comfort”. My wife, upon reading, remarked, “So, is it going to lapse or continue? What do they want me to do?” The letter, as
2 Things I’ve Learnt About Business Pitfalls, By Observing Other People’s Mistakes The Disappearing Act If it’s your business, you can’t let it run on autopilot and disappear, or not be around as the boss. Look at 1Market with Chef Wan’s name on it. What happened? He wasn’t around, so chefs did as they pleased and
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“13. Selling copy vs style copy. Style copy is flowery language and unsubstantiated claims. Selling copy is simple and proves claims. Caples said, “Advertisers who can trace the sales results from their ads use selling copy.” One of (John) Caples’ top 20 methods for writing copy that sells. From Brian Kurtz and Craig Simpson’s new
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Cervelo S5 Gokiso
How To Sell The Cervélo S5 with Gokiso wheels During my time selling Cervélo bikes at the shop, I sold quite a few of the S5 with the very fantastic Gokiso wheels. Naturally, there is bound to be some caution experienced by the customer in spending that kind of money. One reason is that they
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Are copywriting courses in Singapore worth taking? This was a question I asked myself not too long ago. One incentive was because of the Singapore government’s SkillsFuture Credit scheme, which is aimed to “enable all Singaporeans to develop to their fullest potential, as well as realise their aspirations by taking advantage of a wide range of opportunities.” If
Hi there, fellow freelancer! Here’re are some tips for you, especially if you’re just starting out! After all, what better way to make some extra cash as a student, or to supplement your day job’s income? Without further ado… Tips I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started Out As a New Freelancer – If
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“The only thing I knew about writing marketing literature was something that I had read and committed to memory: never talk about yourself, concentrate on the reader. Don’t waste time introducing your service, telling people who you are and what you are doing. People are just not interested. Tell them what you will do for