20 Questions To Ask Yourself To Help People Choose You and Your Business

Have trouble getting sales, defining or refining your business? Here are 20 questions to help you know yourself better.

1) Are you unique?
2) Are you cheaper? (Note that the bargain basement is a very uncomfortable place to be)
3) Are you quicker?
4) Are you better value?
5) Are you safer?
6) Are you the most trusted?
7) Are you the first?
8) Are you the top seller?
9) Are you the most tested?
10) Do you give quicker service?
11) Are you the most advanced?
12) How well do you know yourself, your business and what makes you different?
13) Are you the oldest? It says if you’re that old and you’re still in business, you must be good.
14) Are you the most loved? Are you the most loved product or service?
15) Are you preferred by experts?
16) Are you the most reliable?
17) Is it more fun?
18) Is it sold in a special way?
19) Are you the most helpful people?
20) Are you easier or the easiest to deal with?

Source: AskDrayton.com

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