A Successful Florist Doesn’t Sell Flowers

A successful florist doesn’t sell flowers. What does she sell, then?

She sells The Outcome that a bouquet of flowers could give you on Valentine’s Day, or marriage proposals.

Ditto for a good interior design and renovation contractor. He’s not selling you some cupboards and stuff. He’s selling you the idea of being a house-proud owner, and an outcome that’ll make you the envy of friends. “Oooh, your place is so nice!” Heard that one before?

Fruit juice seller? Selling you the idea and possible outcome of better health and better skin if you drink more of my stuff.

Bikes? Well, bro, you’re only gonna look better, get fitter, and get there faster with what I’m selling.

Tuition teacher? Well, my dear parent, your kid’s gonna top the class once I’m done with him.

The sooner you realize what you’re REALLY selling, the better you’ll sell.

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