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Spektrum AVC
Hello there, fellow-Spektrum user! I installed the Spektrum system (DX5 Pro and SRS6000 receiver) on my HoBao Hyper VS buggy some months ago, and was puzzled by the severely limited steering throw I got with the Spektrum system, compared to the much cheaper radio system that my HoBao RTR kit came with… After setting the
How to unbrick Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P (MJSXJ02CM)
Hi friend! If you recently bricked your Mi Home Security Camera 360°, here’s how to unbrick it, together with downloads to the firmware file(s) you’ll need. I actually managed to brick two of mine about a week ago. One through my own fault, when I tried to update it through the Mi Home app, but
Y’know the saying how you’re the average of the company you keep? Here’s an idea for you… subscribe to Facebook groups which interest you, and are filled with people who are way more experienced and cleverer than you, plus also doing things you wouldn’t have dreamt of. You can learn a lot of things from
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I think you can consider this a rant, but do hear me out before you click away in disgust and roast me.Most of you know I love books, and I like to support local as much as I can, especially brick and mortar retail stores. Also because I know they have it much tougher than
Think you can become a social media guru in 2 days? Take one of the typical copywriting courses available locally for example… It’s also 2 days long at about $900. BUT, it takes more than 7 days to learn how to write good headlines alone. In fact, maybe try a month or a lifetime to
Iyan Librata copywriting testimonial for Theo De Roza
“Working with Theo has been an absolute pleasure. He is attentive to my requirements and helped me to create a better copy for my proposals. He is highly recommended for his prompt communication and excellent copywriting skills” – Iyan Librata
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Do you make these mistakes in love or your business’ marketing?
Do you make these mistakes in love or your business’ marketing? Can you relate with Anonymous in the picture below? Did everything you could, was Mr Noice Guy etc, but the girl still chose SOMEONE ELSE over you?   It’s the same with marketing, isn’t it? You GIVE AWAY free content, free advice, free service,
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“Theo not only delivers, but he had made a great impact on my marketing plans and decisions. He not only converts my page viewers to my customers, but also converts me to act and think like a consumer. Try him, he’s amazing!” – Kayson Chan, Co-founder of Snacky & Crisps
Mark Aikiriza LinkedIn Testimonial for Theo De Roza Direct Response Copywriter Web Developer
“Incredibly professional yet relational and generous, best describes Theo! Through a friend who had been exceptionally served by Theo, we met and discussed my business’s website and marketing needs. He was able to quickly identify the shortcomings, offer immediate assistance and provided guidance on how to effectively achieve the much desired results! I delightedly recommend