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Something I’ve learnt from writing, publishing and observing charity fundraising campaigns… Usually campaigns which raise funds for the lower/lowest tiers of Maslow’s tend to do much better, because it is something that people have experienced, can understand, or relate to. For causes that fall in the middle, a campaign will likely only do better if
How to connect Traxxas TRX-4 or TRX-6 lights when using Hobbywing ESC
I recently got my hands on a very nice Traxxas TRX 6, and it came with a Hobbywing AXE ESC with 3300kV motor. Which, as you’ve probably already found out, the Hobbywing doesn’t provide an output for the red JST connector which comes out from the Traxxas LED lighting module. Connection options found I scoured
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Branding vs selling. Which one should come first, and whose “advice” should you take when you’re a new business just starting out? Long story short, and to paraphrase from a friend’s advice, you need to sell your stuff first before focusing or listening to brand consultants that you should (pay them and) work on your
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Some tips to get you started on your online fundraising campaign to raise more funds for your cause! As an online fundraising copywriter (who has raised more than $1.3m over the first 8 months of 2020 for the charity I work with) here are some things I advise you having in your campaign: Photos and
Hi there! If you recently got the ARRMA Kraton 8S, want to get more steering out of your truck and need to switch off AVC on the Spektrum SR6100AT Receiver, here’s how to do it, especially if you found the steps listed in the manual doesn’t work for you: When you power on your receiver,
Arrma Mojave 6S
ARRMA recently released their very outstanding Mojave 6S 1:7 scale desert truck, and I came into possession of one too. Here are some things you should take note of, and not make the same mistakes I did! 1: Remove your wheel nuts and wheels, clean the metal hubs with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol, wait
Haven’t really posted about new old books on marketing or advertising I’ve found lately, but here’s my latest old book! 😂 If you must know, I used to get people telling me that old books on advertising and selling are useless and that the “golden age of advertising is over”… But do tell me again
Robert Kiyosaki Singapore Theo De Roza
Attending Robert Kiyosaki’s lunchtime chat session last week was quite interesting… Gleaned a number of insights which I found agreeable… But as a parent, this is what has been on my mind for at least a year, and worries me. Schools, perhaps all the way up to tertiary (or even uni?), don’t teach their students
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
True story. Was chatting with a friend today, and he shared how a member of his team had trouble getting a vendor/partner to go ahead with longer content… Why? Because the partner (vendor?) insisted that shorter content was better… But it was only “better” because all they had been doing up till that point was