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Why a list of recommended copywriting books mixed with marketing ones together? If you’ve noticed, the pro direct response copywriters like Drayton Bird, Robert W. Bly, Herschel Gordon Lewis and Steve Slaunwhite, just to name a few, are all expert marketers. When I was researching which titles to buy, I found that advertising, copywriting and marketing all
“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.” — Robert Collier This is one of the best quotes for anyone who wants someone else’s business. Need local examples? Circles.Life Grab (Taxi) Everyone was getting tired of the shit the big boys were doling out to their customers: Us. At the back of
Have trouble getting sales, defining or refining your business? Here are 20 questions to help you know yourself better. 1) Are you unique? 2) Are you cheaper? (Note that the bargain basement is a very uncomfortable place to be) 3) Are you quicker? 4) Are you better value? 5) Are you safer? 6) Are you
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Theo De Roza Website SEO Copywriting review by NZ Sheepmilk Singapore
“I just want to say thank you to Theo for his help in hosting and setting up my website for me. I’m a noob when it comes to this but Theo was a great help and offered clear good advices when I need to set up my business website. I don’t know how he do
“I am really grateful for Mr Theo’s service in helping me to draft emails to garner the interest of others to schedule a meeting for me to share about Google Adwords. This eventually leads to a productive meeting where we fulfilled the requirements of the client, resulting in the client starting Google Adwords with us.
Titans of Direct Response
Titans of Direct Response ‘s online sales (landing?) page  took me about an hour to read, which made me wonder why! After printing it, turns out it’s 63 pages long… Which is about right, since I normally read at one page per minute. What’s being sold isn’t cheap, which explains the length of the page and superb
Mal Warwick - How To Write Successful Fundraising Letters
‘Most of us who write letters to raise funds – or to sell products or services, for that matter – have a one-word answer to the question “How do you know whether that will work?” Test.’ – Mal Warwick Sometimes even the change of a single word increases sales by a lot more. It doesn’t
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“How do you become a better copywriter?” This is a question I always ask myself, and I’ve found another great source for learning which you can also go for. Other than reading the books I’ve recommended, the other thing you can do for yourself is to get Titans of Direct Response here. You might notice
A successful florist doesn’t sell flowers. What does she sell, then? She sells The Outcome that a bouquet of flowers could give you on Valentine’s Day, or marriage proposals. Ditto for a good interior design and renovation contractor. He’s not selling you some cupboards and stuff. He’s selling you the idea of being a house-proud