[FREE] 3 Ways To Make Your Emails More Personal Instantly

How To Make Your Emails More Personal Instantly, Without Having To Be a Copywriting Pro

Ever wondered why no one seems to be responding to your emails, despite your best efforts?

There are quite a number of reasons, and one of them could be because the one receiving your email doesn’t feel “warmed up”. Or he doesn’t feel like he’s being talked to by a real person. Here are 3 ways you can overcome at least this one hurdle:

  1.  Sign off with a person’s name. Not “team” or not your company name alone
  2. Send your email with an address using a person’s name, not “sales@so-and-so.com”
  3. Use more “you”, then “I”, instead of “we”

Why? Because people buy from people. Not teams or committees.

Hope this helps!


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