How To Sync Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera To Your Phone

Hi everyone, here’s how to sync Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP camera to your phone. We just got this nifty little camera a few days ago, and had a spot of trouble adding it to our phone via the MiHome app.

(To use the camera, you must and can download the MiHome app via iTunes or Google Play Store. The correct app has the same logo as the one on your Xiaomi camera. After that, just create or log into your Xiaomi account.)

Here’s why:

If you’re in Singapore, like I am, chances are, you selected “Singapore” as the correct region you’re in… and then you added the first and probably only camera you saw available in the list, which is probably the one that says “Mi Home Securi…”. Then you added it to your WiFi network, paired it via QR code, and all seems ok BUT your phone can’t pair with the camera, right?

Not to worry, just reset the camera and try again.

This time, in your MiHome app, select Mainland as your correct region. (Your option might be different as I’m describing this process while using an iPhone)

Now, you’ll see a bigger list of cameras, select the one that I’ve circled (or the picture that shows the camera you’re using) in the screenshot below:

How To Sync Xiaomi MiJia Smart 720P WiFi IP Camera To Your Phone

Pair it, and now you should be able to use and view your camera properly. Hope this was helpful for you! 🙂

If you need a video showing you how to set it up, here’s a video I found. Start it from 3:27. It doesn’t mention about selecting correct region, though.

Edit: If you bricked your camera, go here for a solution to unbrick it:

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  1. Valeri levis says :Reply

    Hey there!
    We installed a Mi camera, and we have an issue. We cannot connect two devices to the app to see the cameras in action. I would love if you could give me a solution.
    Thank you!

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