A short guide to the RHA MA650 Wireless earphones

How To Pair the RHA MA650 Wireless To Your iPhone… And What To Do If You Can’t Answer Calls

In case you were as eager to use your new pair of RHA MA650 Wireless as I was, skipped the instruction manual and were Googling to see how to pair it to your iPhone, here’s how:

With your phone’s Bluetooth on and the earphones switched off, press and hold the RHA’s power button for 5 seconds to get it into pairing mode. Then select it in your list of Bluetooth devices to pair it.

The good thing you’ll like about these pair of wireless earphones is… They come with COMPLY ear tips. And not a lower-end model, apparently… The pair of COMPLY tips they give are the Comfort T400 (that’s $33 for a set of 3 pairs in Stereo Electronics) which has the earwax guard.

Upon the advice of a helpful salesperson, I had pushed the COMPLY tips away and towards the aluminum body of the MA650…. Which meant that, when the COMPLY tips go back to their original shape, they actually pushed themselves out of my ear canal. Maybe my ear canal is small or something…Which led me to think that the tips weren’t a good fit for me at first…

So I experimented pinching and molding it over the business end of the earphones, then roll them so their diameter becomes smaller, then put them in my ears.

Seemed to work like a dream. Didn’t feel like they were loose after that!

You can see the official How-To here: http://www.complyfoam.com/support/

I won’t pretend to be an audiophile or expert… which of course I’m not. But I’ll just say that I enjoy the RHA MA650 wireless earphones so far. Sound is what I expect for wireless earphones at that price point. The fit is also very comfortable, and feels invisible. I really liked that I didn’t have to mess around with a cable connecting to my phone.

For iPhone users: How To Hear and Answer Calls with Your Bluetooth Earphones

One issue I was trying to solve, and didn’t occur to me upon buying, was… Getting my wireless earphone to be able to answer and hear calls. It seems to be a prevalent problem… One solution from the Cult of Mac website is to:

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings
  2. Reset network settings (which means you lose your saved WiFi connections etc)
  3. Pair the MA650 again

It still didn’t seem to let me hear calls (not the fault of the earphones) when receiving them… But when making them, I could select whether to hear and talk with my iPhone, or the RHA.

Anyway, after mucking around, I found something that works.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility
  2. Select Call Audio Routing
  3. Change it from Automatic to Bluetooth Headset

Don’t worry, if your headset isn’t connected and you receive (or make) a call, the iPhone will default to its own speaker and microphone. It was also something I was worried about and tested.

Have fun with your new earphones!

5 Comments to “ A short guide to the RHA MA650 Wireless earphones”

  1. Manuel GERIQUE says :Reply

    mode d’emploi indigent pour un accessoire de moyenne gamme et en plus à lire au microscope

  2. Jeff says :Reply

    How do you turn them off?

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Oh, just press and hold on the on/off button.

  3. Mctrinity says :Reply

    Great directions! I love these earbuds and the sound. Best I’ve ever had

  4. i couldnt connect my rha ma650 wireless on my android its not pairing and I cant search it at all. but its working fine. any help?

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