How To Pair Garmin Fenix 3HR to iOS11

Wondered how to pair Garmin Fenix 3HR to your iOS11 device? Especially after noticing that it suddenly stopped sending you smart notifications?

Here’s what I did that got it back:

  1. In your iPhone (or other device), go to Settings, Bluetooth, and select the Garmin Fenix 3HR and “Forget This Device”
  2. Go to your Garmin app and under the Fenix 3HR, Remove Device
  3. Switch off your iPhone and switch it back on again
  4. Switch off your Fenix and switch it back on again
  5. Go back to your Garmin app and re-add the Fenix 3
  6. On your Fenix watch, go to Settings, Bluetooth and Add Mobile Device
  7. The watch should give you a code for you to enter on your phone for pairing, and should be done now!

Previously, I tried pairing, unpairing and pairing again… Didn’t work. Think the crucial step was to have both phone and watch rebooted.

Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Paul says :Reply

    Worked a treat. Thanks

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