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Hi there, fellow freelancer! Here’re are some tips for you, especially if you’re just starting out! After all, what better way to make some extra cash as a student, or to supplement your day job’s income? Without further ado… Tips I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started Out As a New Freelancer – If
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“The only thing I knew about writing marketing literature was something that I had read and committed to memory: never talk about yourself, concentrate on the reader. Don’t waste time introducing your service, telling people who you are and what you are doing. People are just not interested. Tell them what you will do for
Something that I’ll note down myself too, since it sold to a “market” aware of the product but doesn’t know what it does. Useful for me to convert how I sell and what I said into salesmanship in print. This is what I did within 10 minutes of opening shop. 1. Tell what it does,
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How and where to get recognition… …and other warm fuzzy feelings that you might like too! As you can see, I like photography, and have dabbled in it for quite a bit. Joined a few competitions, placed as finalist in some – but this post isn’t really about me, so I won’t talk much about
Recently, I had a friend share with me how a company wanted her to sponsor something towards them, but that it was only a one way process where all the benefits goes to them, and nothing of value or worth goes towards her. Naturally, she didn’t give them anything. Whether you’re a company or an