How To Make A $530 Sale In 5 Minutes

Something that I’ll note down myself too, since it sold to a “market” aware of the product but doesn’t know what it does. Useful for me to convert how I sell and what I said into salesmanship in print.

This is what I did within 10 minutes of opening shop.

1. Tell what it does, for no longer than 30 seconds. Cus (depending on product) people are sold on benefits and what it can do for them, not tech specs.

2. Tell an honest story on benefit. I told him how installing that product (UCB Speedcage) immediately let me feel that I didn’t have to use as much force to accelerate from zero, and that I could use one gear harder for cruising.

3. Include a statistic in your story. I told him I used 20-25 watts less when I hit 50kph on my bicycle during one of my sprints.

4. This one might be a little hard to do in print, but I showed him the $290 entry level product and asked him to spin the pulleys. I suppose one way I could do it in print was to state how long each version spins for.

I then showed him the ($530) best version for the money (always have the best interests of the customer at heart), asked him to spin it, and he bought it.

I have other versions going for $700, but decided not to bring them out.

In all, I have 5 versions of the item, which I feel is too many and will only confuse a buyer… So I only show 3: Entry level, the middle best (if the price difference is significant and performs just as well) and top best.

But above all, as you’ll probably see me saying in many other posts, have the best interests of your customer at heart!

That’s one of the best ways for you to sell and make sales and money.

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