Ten Ways to Get Sponsorship

Recently, I had a friend share with me how a company wanted her to sponsor something towards them, but that it was only a one way process where all the benefits goes to them, and nothing of value or worth goes towards her. Naturally, she didn’t give them anything. Whether you’re a company or an individual seeking sponsorship, these ten ideas below should be of help to you:

Ten Ways To Get Sponsorship

Can I have more? - Oliver

“Hey bro, can I has moar?” – Oliver

1. Remember, it’s not about you. You may want something, but the people you approach also have to know what kind of mileage they can get out of sacrificing a product or service – which they could make money out of by selling it in the first place – by handing it over to you.
2. Be nice about it. Don’t demand. You may know who you are. The other party may not. Even if they do, they may not give a s***. Oh, and don’t use the corporate template responses. You’re talking to another human being, not a robot. Be nice.
3. Tell your sponsor your plans on how you intend to use their product/service and how you will promote them too. Just having their company logo on your site, for example, won’t cut it. I mean, even I just see a logo and just go “Oh, ok,” and very seldom do I bother to click on it unless the site talked about what their sponsor do, how fantastic they are, and why I should use my valuable time to check them out.
4. Underpromise, overdeliver.
5. Overpromise, overdeliver, anyway. That’ll really impress.
6. If you’re handed a product, TAKE CARE OF IT. I’ve had items returned to me in crummy shape. Needless to say, those folks won’t be getting another item out of me.
7. Be polite and courteous to your sponsors. Mind your p’s and q’s. Courtesy goes a very, very long way.
8. Keep in touch with your sponsor. Don’t just disappear after you’ve got their goods. Let them know what you’ve been doing with it.
9. Offer them suggestions for improvement on the product/service. It shows that you think, not just use it blindly, and that you have your sponsor’s interests at heart too.
10. Be a sponsor yourself too. Only then will you know what works towards you to make you, and most probably other people, give stuff out. You can then apply what you know.

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