For Writers and Artists: How and Where To Get Recognition

How and where to get recognition…

…and other warm fuzzy feelings that you might like too!

As you can see, I like photography, and have dabbled in it for quite a bit. Joined a few competitions, placed as finalist in some – but this post isn’t really about me, so I won’t talk much about what I’ve won etc etc, it’ll be boring for you –  joined some street photography Facebook groups etc…

But if you’re an artist, and if you’re looking for some form of recognition or likes for your work, presenting it to fellow photographers or artists likely won’t get you very far.

Artists can be a jealous bunch, and can think that they can do things better than you can, even if they clicked a “Like” on it.

So where do you go? I actually found this out by accident. After moving to my new place, which was near an airbase (and having very little time to indulge in street photography after starting a family), I found myself taking photos of the fighter jets that flew past.

Then I shared it.

On photography Facebook groups…

Yeah, ok, got some likes for it etc…

Then magic happened.

I posted ONE photo (I think) on RSAF’s page, and they loved it!

I kept posting more.. and more.. Until they asked to interview me for a fan feature, and got me along for some of their exclusive pre-event events.

What I’m trying to say is, your work may be good, probably is, but you also have to present it to the right audience. Audience who’ll love your work, and end up loving you too.

Also, it helps by showing them how your work makes something common look different. A different point of view, a different light, a different this, a different that…

Go out and explore! Test and find the audience that’ll love you. 🙂

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