How to unbrick Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P (MJSXJ02CM) with Firmware

Hi friend! If you recently bricked your Mi Home Security Camera 360°, here’s how to unbrick it, together with downloads to the firmware file(s) you’ll need.

I actually managed to brick two of mine about a week ago. One through my own fault, when I tried to update it through the Mi Home app, but switched off when the update apparently failed…

And the other bricked itself when I attempted an update. I gotta tell you, the yellow LED of death really buggered me for quite a few days!

The good news for you is, I have done the hard and tough work of trawling the internet (I try not to troll, haha) for a solution and correct firmware, so you’ll save quite a bit of time and some headache.

In case you’re wondering why I’m telling you all this… hahahaha

(Some links I found needed you to use a Baidu app to download the firmware… Which was a dead-end for me, and possibly you, as you can only register with a China-based phone number.)

The bad news is, you will (as I’ve discovered) find out that one single firmware version will not work for all the various cameras out there. Even if they are the same model.

Ok, enough babbling, here’s what you need to do to unbrick your Mi Home Security Camera 360:

  1. Get a 16GB or 32GB micro SD card
  2. Format it with your computer in FAT 32
  3. Copy the “tf_recovery.img” file (here’s the download link which leads to Google Drive holding the files) onto the micro SD card you just formatted
  4. Switch off your Mi Home Security Camera
  5. Insert the micro SD card into the card slot (you’ll need to push and rotate your camera upwards, in case you’re unfamiliar with it)
  6. Switch it on

If the firmware version works, the camera should start booting up and have its yellow LED turn blue in 2-3 minutes. If not, try a different “tf_recovery.img” file until you get one that works.

Once again, here’s the download link to the firmware, which leads to Google Drive holding the files:

Below are the threads I went through when I attempted to solve the issue. Special and huge thanks to all the super helpful folks there for sharing the knowledge and files.

Did the files help you unbrick your cam? Let me know in the comments.


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Thanks in advance!

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132 Comments to “ How to unbrick Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P (MJSXJ02CM) with Firmware”

  1. Thank you! The second firmware in your google drive solved the problem with my Mi 360 camera. I tried different firmwares and the keyword you mentioned that not one “firmware version will not work for all the various cameras out there” is extremely crucial as we were in the dark for the 2-3 minutes while waiting and not sure if anything is happening.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hey Melvin, glad to hear it worked for you, and most welcome! Ya, it took me quite a few tries on the various firmware versions to realize that not every one would work with the 4 cameras that I had. It was a little frustrating at first, and I almost thought I had to give up on one or two cams. But yes, happy to know that this post has helped you get your cams working again!


  2. Pedro says :Reply

    I have an MJSXJ02CM and have tried to load each of the firmware. None of them worked. The camera does not react. 🙁

    I tried an 8GB card and a 64GB card.

    I’ve tried:
    -Only with the microsd without touching anything.
    -Press for 10 seconds the reset.
    -Plug it in with the reset pressed.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hi Pedro! Hmm, I’ll try and see if there are any more firmware versions out there. See if the SD cards you used are “high end” ones? And if they are, try a “low end” SD card and see if that works.

      1. Pedro says :Reply

        The first time I tried an old 8GB type 2 card and it didn’t work.

        Just today I tried a 32GB type 10 card of better quality and it didn’t work either.

        I tested all 4 files and the c720p, leaving it even 5 minutes with each file, but none worked.

        1. Pedro says :Reply

          The last attempt I just made is with an old 1GB card.
          It didn’t work either.
          I think it’s dead forever.

          1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :

            Hmm.. Hang on to your cam first? Another firmware version is bound to come up sooner or later.

  3. emran says :Reply

    none of them worked 🙁

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Oh dear, sorry to hear that. I’ll try and find some other files.

    2. corn says :Reply

      I tried all the files stated, but none worked for me 🙁 I have a Xiaomi Mijia 1080p MJSXJ02CM

  4. Weslley Misael says :Reply

    Does it work with XIAOMI Mijia (CMSXJ16A)?

    After an unsuccessful update, my device has stopped working. I can no longer reset, I no longer hear the voice prompt and xiaomi support does not want to help me.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hi Weslley! I’m not sure if it works with the CMSXJ16A.

      1. linda says :Reply

        Hai.. can you help me.. my cam like you tell, it auddent dead while i update the firmware not completedly becauce my wifi isndown..

  5. jos says :Reply

    thank you verry verry much the second file did it

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome, Jos!

  6. Frank says :Reply

    thanks a lot buddy. the second file worked for me. i almost had a meltdown lol. cheers

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Haha, you’re most welcome, Frank! I too, almost had a meltdown when mine got bricked, LOL

    2. kalman gueta says :Reply

      Can you please do your magic and find the firmware for MJSXJ06CM

      1. krisis says :Reply

        please help with MJSXJ06CM

  7. Larry M says :Reply

    YOU are a ROCK STAR!! The second one worked for me. Thank you man.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Great to hear that! You’re most welcome, Larry!

  8. Woytas says :Reply

    Great Job !! Its works for me !! Thanks a lot buddy !!

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome, Woytas!

  9. 수아 says :Reply

    샤오미 홈캠 360 1080p 사용중입니다. SD카드는 64기가구요..글쓰신데로 했는데도 안되는데요..SD카드를 32로 바꾸어서 해야 하나요….왜 저는 안될까요ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  10. MX510 says :Reply

    Did tried everything none of them worked my camera died

    Anyway tqvm for your effort putting this recovery firmware

    Lesson learnt never upgrade firmware for this ever again

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome. Sorry to hear about your cam!

  11. Putra says :Reply

    Thank you so much! It worked like a charm. Check your paypal, it’s the least I can do

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome and thank you very much, Iswara!

  12. sunderrajan says :Reply

    Hi Der! How long does it take for the firmware update and what is the confirmation when the update is complete.
    Please help. My Camera is Mi 360.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hi Sunderrajan, it takes 3 minutes at most I think. If it takes longer than 5 minutes, means it’s not working yet.

  13. Teodor Jelen says :Reply

    Worked great! in my case 1st firmware! After almost one year in shelf i saw again blue light! BTW – it worked with 2GB Card in my case.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Good to hear that, Teodor!

  14. John Smith says :Reply

    Thank you so much, my camera worked with firmware 2nd

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome, John Smith!

  15. David says :Reply

    Tried all versions of the firmware and none worked. Camera still bricked. Mi Home App says camera’s last firmware version was 3.4.6_0213
    I used 32GB SanDisk. Could see the yellow light blinking upon boot so it was attempting to read the card each time but nothing after 5+ minutes of each attempt (8 different versions of img file) Camera is only 5 months old so will attempt warranty replacement (6 months warranty) but not holding my breath.

  16. David says :Reply

    I finally contacted Xiaomi Support who sent me this link to download another firmware version: this seemed to do the trick. Although it took alot longer than 2 mins to come up and I did perform multiple resets. Anyway if all other firmware files fail, try this link and follow same process as documented here with MicroSD card.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Cool! Thanks for the link, David! Hope it helps other users too!

    2. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Thanks again for the link, David! Have added it to the google drive link in my post, under Folder 5 with your name appended to it. 🙂

  17. MJ says :Reply

    It worked halfway but my cameras are still bricked. With firmware #2 the camera came online for a few seconds (blue light), and then went offline again (yellow light). With firmware #1 the camera came online for about a minute with blue light, so i quickly tried to update the firmware and got to about 50% and the camera went offline so the updating stalled. Yellow light came back. I removed and inserted the card with firmware #1 again and this time it would not come online again. Same for firmware #2…

    1. MJ says :Reply

      Also none of the other firmwares did anything.. appreciate it but doesn’t seem to work for me.

      1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

        You’re most welcome, MJ! Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you! Do you want to try David’s link? I haven’t tried it personally yet though…

  18. Johan says :Reply

    Tried each of the file twice,

    but none of the firmware works for me 🙁

    1. Ludfi says :Reply

      My Camera is working fine. MJSXJ01CM. But the problem is, i cant Reset my Cam. Can i use Update Firmware without reset the Cam?

      1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

        Hi Johan, I think you should be able to? This is because the camera will read from the SD card when you power it back on and press the button. Update if anything?


  19. Andrea says :Reply

    Gladly paid you a coffee, you deserved it! Cheers from Italy!

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Thanks lots Andrea, greatly appreciated!

  20. EURO says :Reply

    i tied all sadly none worked for my mi360 1080p its for MJSXJ05CM fimware version 3.1.5_0052

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Sorry to hear that!

  21. Phylis says :Reply

    File version 4 works for my camera (Model: MJSXJ01CM).

    Previously, I could connect the camera with Mi Home app but couldn’t view the video. It kept throwing me an error. Couldn’t restore the camera or upgrade the firmware.

    Successfully restored the device with file #4 successfully, with the current version: 3.3.6_2018111514.

    Thanks, Theo! You’re a lifesaver!

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hi Phylis, you’re most welcome!


  22. FrankNStein says :Reply

    Hello all.
    I would only to write one information, that I found on our local E-shop of the cameras.
    The information is, that it will take more than 8 minutes, to recovery.

    I didnt test it, but maybe somebody could…

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Thanks for sharing! Let me know if it worked for you or anyone else. Just do a virus scan first before installing anything, just to be safe. 🙂

  23. Gardner says :Reply

    tried each of the files and none of them work for my MJSXJ05CM. can’t find any firmware anywhere else

  24. Steven Tan says :Reply

    Hi, can I know the model no. Of ur camera? There are plenty of mi360 and can only differentiate using model no. Thanks

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hi Steven, mine is the MJSXJ01CM.

  25. Marco Marques says :Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the help,
    I finally connect my xiaomi camera after one update never worked, and now work’s
    and speak english…

    Thank you so much….

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome, Marco!

  26. Joshua says :Reply

    Hi my model# is MJSXJ05CM. I tried all version it wont work. Any suggestion please

    1. says :Reply

      haloo, can you fix your camera?

    2. am says :Reply

      haloo, can you fix your camera?

  27. Joshua says :Reply

    I tried all and doesnt work for my MJSXJ05CM. Do u have a firmware for this model?

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      I don’t think I have the firmware, but I’ll try searching.

        1. Aek says :Reply

          This works for me as well. Thanks both of you (Theo & Matik) for your help!

        2. Que says :Reply

          do we need to rename the file name?

        3. tuan says :Reply

          thanks so much

  28. MAVone says :Reply

    You are THE BEST !!!

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Thanks MAVone, happy to help. 🙂

  29. saeid says :Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the help
    my device not work but now is working

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      You’re most welcome, Saeid!

  30. Vas says :Reply

    Hi, there. Do you know if there is drive for other products? In particular, my CMSXJ11A camera has the same problem whereby the yellow light is on the whole time.

  31. Melis says :Reply

    How long should we wait after plugging the device?

  32. Chong Khey Shiun says :Reply

    I found the MJSXJ05CM model firmware. It is working for my device.

    1. Sehyeon says :Reply

      Hi Chong Khey Shiun,
      Could you share with me?

      Thank you very much in advance

      1. AM says :Reply

        Hi Chong key Shiun,
        could you sahre with me too ?

        Thanks you so much in


      2. AM says :Reply

        Hi Chong key Shiun,
        can you sahre with me too ?

        Thanks you so much in


    2. Sin Hai says :Reply

      Hi Chong,

      can you share the firmware with me ? thanks !

    3. Sohayl says :Reply

      Hi Chong
      Would you please share your file with me?

  33. Melvin says :Reply

    3rd file Worked for me. Thank you so much!

  34. Vasileios Kocheilas says :Reply

    Is there a central folder with firmware for other Mi cameras as well? I have a cmsxj11a and it no longer works as it now has a solid yellow light and does not connect.

  35. Onur says :Reply

    There is no card slot in this device, so how could this suggestion help me?

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      Hi Onur, it should be just under your camera lens. You might have to push and rotate the black part upwards to expose the card slot.

  36. Farhan says :Reply

    Files 4 work for me.
    Thanks brother…

  37. T_peso says :Reply

    Thank you so much!!! it’s worked for my drive

  38. Jason says :Reply

    Thank you.. My Mi 360-MJSXJ02CM is worked with folder 3 image file. Great job!!!


  39. Anders S says :Reply

    Thanks, file 3 worked perfect for my Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P. 🙂

  40. roy says :Reply

    after i put sd card with file in camera, satdy yellow light start falshing (yellow) but dont turn blue….:(
    i tried all files…
    can somone help?

  41. hilmi says :Reply

    all this not working with my mjsxj01cm. please help

  42. Andrejs says :Reply

    thank you so much! one of the firmwares worked for me after numerous attempts 🙂

  43. Vitor says :Reply

    Can you get the firmware for CMSXJ16A?

  44. Glauber says :Reply

    My camera is a CMSXJ16A and it is geo blocked version 2019.12, could you help me unlock to use it outside China?

  45. hesam says :Reply

    Hi Sir,
    Good day
    My model is MJSXJ01CM, the LED turns Yellow steadily and it doesn’t work.
    I’m very upset and sad, please help me.
    What should I do? I tried the files all of them but still doesn’t work.

  46. Musa says :Reply

    i found firmware MJSX0J05CM it work for my camera

    link :

  47. sid says :Reply

    Thanks man… second image worked. My camera got locked after i changed zone to china and updated its firmware there.


  48. snowy says :Reply

    Has anyone had luck with MIXJ04CM?

    Some of the firmware ( I’ve tried does work, but then the camera no longer does tilt/pan via the app and also it can’t update (e.g. from 3.3.6_2017092810)

  49. Eddie says :Reply

    Hi Guys,

    Finally found this from a Vietnam forum… I fixed my cam model MIXJ04CM with below firmware version:-
    Mi Home Security Camera 360°
    Resolution: 720p
    Model: MIXJ04CM
    TESTED WORKING!! and the camera can rotate from app control, as the previous install with firmware version 3.3.6_2017092810 (Video / Visual is fine but the camera can’t rotate using the APP control)
    Firmware: Release number_3.3.6_2018070914
    (Tested with Model: MIXJ04CM – Might work with other versions 🙂

  50. Doug says :Reply

    Hi I recently updated my wifi and now the camera doesn’t want to connect to the network. The router has 2.4 ghz so not sure why it falls down at the last hurdle with timing out whilst trying to connect to the network.

    I have tried the recovery tf c720 and 4 any idea why it’s not connecting?


  51. priya says :Reply

    Thanks theo, the 3rd one worked for me!

  52. Irfan says :Reply

    I’ve finally fixed my problem. My camera model is MJSXJO5CM. I’ll tell how I did it for those who still didn’t succeed.

    First of all, you should know that I’ve tried almost 15 firmware from the internet, but none of them works. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna say they are a scam but it doesn’t suit my model number. You need to try and error which firmware suits your camera model. It took me almost two hours and finally, I found one thread and try that firmware (*link provided below). At first, I thought, it’s useless as the device doesn’t respond. The orange light still stays as it is. Then, after 3 minutes, the device starts rotating and the light turns from orange to blue. I was very happy seeing that happens. Thank you again.

    For those who still trying, I will suggest you check what is your camera model first then search the firmware based on that. Don’t waste your precious time like me. I used a MicroSD Card 64GB (class 10), you need to format it to FAT32 using external software. I used EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition (*link provided below). Then, just copy the file into a MicroSD Card. Take note that you need to maintain the name as (“tf_recovery.img”). Then wait for about 3 minutes, I’ll put it like this. If your device doesn’t work within 5 minutes, that’s means that firmware not works. As the maximum waiting should be around 3 minutes only.

    I wish you all the best.

    EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition:

  53. Ash says :Reply

    Thanks for all these firmwares. I hope one of these ones will work for me. But question, do we just have to copy the image file in the root folder of the sdcard or do we have to flash the sdcard with the img file (install on it like for a bootable image) ?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  54. pawel says :Reply


    i have cmsxj19e and it is bricked ;( constant yellow light.
    can anyone help me?

    1. Uszy says :Reply

      Hey! surprisingly this file worked in my case! I have also CMSXJ19E.

    2. Marco Duarte says :Reply

      I have the some problem on my Imilab home Security Camera A1 ( CMSXJ19E )

      did you solve the problem or not yet.

      Sorry for bad inglish i´m portuguese 😀

  55. kalman gueta says :Reply

    Can you please do your magic and find the firmware for MJSXJ06CM

    1. TOMAS says :Reply

      Yo también necesito el firmware de esta camara. finalmente lo encontraste?. Gracias

  56. Dusty says :Reply

    How long does it take on average for the firmware to update and the camera come online?

  57. Kritsana says :Reply

    Firmware version 3.5.1_0052 work for me, you may have to wait 5-10 minutes. If any one need the firmware file please email me at

  58. igor says :Reply

    hi some one with cmsxj03c, i ve unbrick the camera but now is in chinese, and cant pair with mi home app, just dont recognise de qr code, i have chinese server, but nothing.


  59. Vishna says :Reply

    The 3rd File did it for me!!! Thank you sooooooo much, Much appreciated

  60. Czesław says :Reply

    Też mam problem z kamerą Xiaomi Mija Smart IP 2k 360° (MJSXJ09CM).
    Kamera działała dobrze do momentu aktualizacji nowszego oprogramowania kamery, przy pobraniu 70% oprogramowania zwiesiła się i ot tej pory jest martwa.
    Świeci się żółta dioda, nie działa reset, nie wydaje komend i nie wykonuje obrotów.
    Próbowałem wgrać nowe oprogramowanie, które proponujecie wyżej z karty SD, ale nie udało się uruchomić kamery.
    Wszystkie te oprogramowania są do kamer 1080, a ja mam 2k, więc te programy nie są dedykowane do mojej kamery.
    Czy mógłby mi ktoś pomóc. Z góry dziękuję.

  61. Czesław says :Reply

    I was also a victim of the Xiaomi Mija Smart 360 ° 2k camera update (MJSXJ09CM)
    Camera is locked, yellow LED is on, reset is not working, no beeping, is dead.
    The programs that you mentioned above do not work because they are not dedicated to this 2k camera.
    I am asking for help, how to unlock it?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. leppard23 says :Reply

      Did you solve the problem?

  62. Czesław says :Reply

    Odblokowałem kamerę Mi 360° MJSXJ09CM tym programem 3.5._0052 po nieudanej aktualizacji.
    Kamera jest aktywana,wydaje komunikaty,wykonuje ruchy,można ją resetewać, ale nie można jej połączyć z serwerem chińskim mimo dziesiątek prób.
    Pewnie dlatego, że ten program 3.5._0052 nie jest dedykowany do tej kamery.
    Bardzo proszę o pomoc co zrobić by kamera nawiązała połączenie z serwerem?
    Z góry dziękuję za pomoc.

  63. Czesław says :Reply

    I unlocked the Mi 360 ° MJSXJ09CM camera with this program 3.5._0052 after an unsuccessful update.
    The camera is activated, issues messages, makes movements, it can be reset, but it cannot be connected to the Chinese server despite dozens of attempts.
    Probably because this program 3.5._0052 is not dedicated to this camera.
    Please help me, what to do to make the camera connect to the server?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. DSEK says :Reply

      I have same problem with you. Could you give me the link of the program ?

    2. leppard23 says :Reply


      I have the same problem
      How can I solve the problem ?
      please help me

    3. kostis says :Reply

      did you solved the problem with MJSXJ09CM ? have the same problem

  64. JJ says :Reply

    Version 2 on 16GB formatted FAT32 by Mac Disk Utility that WORKED!

  65. Matyáš says :Reply

    Good day,
    the Mi 360 ° MJSXJ09CM camera does not work. The yellow light shines and nothing. Does anyone have any firmware? Thanks

  66. SpyGerC says :Reply

    Hi guys!

    During the update (seems to be between 3.5.8_0165 and 3.5.8_0166) of my CMSXJ19E camera (Imilab Baby A1), it failed…

    I tried the 5 different “tf.recovery.img” but without success.

    Anyone can help me ?

    Thanks a lot!

  67. Marco Duarte says :Reply


    My Camera Imilab home Security Camera A1 ( CMSXJ19E ) Brick

    Anyone have the files to put in SD Card to UN-brick


  68. Ramy Mohareb says :Reply

    Below worked for me for my mi camera model MJSXJ05CM:

    3- Downloaded
    to format my 64Gb SD card to FAT32. This is very important step. has to be fat32.

    4- Then added the sd card to the camera, connected it and “WAITED 3 minutes”. This is also very important step.

    5- Then voila, it started talking and back to life again !

  69. Ken King says :Reply

    Hi Theo, Thanks for the info. I’ve just purchased MJSXJ05CM (Xiaomi 360) and as it was advertised with WiFi, BT and USB I stupidly expected to be able to connect through my PC (Lenovo L380) and see the camera with at least one of those interfaces! I was hoping to be able to use it with ZOOM for our church meetings. As you would know that was a big mistake. Also because of COVID restrictions we are limited to outdoors meetings so that that now adds another level of complexity, creating and outdoor WLAN mobile hotspot, USB connectivity would be the best solution.
    Any suggestions welcome??? RTSP?

  70. Sébastien MARTIN says :Reply

    Thank you for the method and the files . I could save my xiaomi home 360 1080 bricked by the wrong update sent by xiaomi on the app.
    The second file was the good one for me
    For every one , wait 2 or 3 long minuts its very important
    Thank you again…. From France

  71. Victor says :Reply

    Second version did the trick! Thanks from Brazil

  72. Arun says :Reply

    Do you have firmware for mjsxj02cm model? I have bricked mine while updating the firmware. Need to fix the camera Asap.
    please help! I am from India

  73. bob says :Reply

    not one fucking link works!

  74. kostis says :Reply

    solution for MJSXJ09CM 2K camera here

  75. Deepak Jain says :Reply

    hello sir,
    where can i find the firmware for Mi home security camera Basic 1080p ?
    Please provide links

    Thanks in advance

  76. Rohitash says :Reply

    hi guys, please help me out with my camera model MJSXJ02CM…only showing yellow light….I tried all the firmwares but still not working…please help me out with this issue.

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