What To Do In a Negative SEO Attack

Here’s what to do if you’re experiencing a Negative SEO attack, as shared by Kelly Brind, in Bushra Azhar’s 60 Second Persuasion Facebook group.

Kelly’s reply to someone asking for help:

“Hey guys, sorry to hear this has happened to you… a few suggestions for you.
1. (you could already know this but just in case) Use Pixelgroove Penalty Checker to see what penalties have been registered against your site – http://pixelgroove.com/serp/sandbox_checker/ If you’ve had a note from Google about unnatural links they may or may not have taken action against you yet.
2. Next head over to your Google Search Console (or SEMrush or AHrefs) to get a run down of your sites backlinks. i.d the bad links and work to remove them. You may be able to find out easily who the website belongs to and email them or you might need to use whois.
3. Once you’ve removed all the links you can, you need to disavow any remaining links, export the disavow file and send it to Google.
Have a read of this Kissmetrics blog, it’s a pretty detailed guide: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/recover-from-any-google-penalty/
Best of luck!”


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