Titans of Direct Response – Every Copywriter’s Must-Have

Titans of Direct Response ‘s online sales (landing?) page  took me about an hour to read, which made me wonder why!

After printing it, turns out it’s 63 pages long… Which is about right, since I normally read at one page per minute.

What’s being sold isn’t cheap, which explains the length of the page and superb copy.

The more expensive something is, the longer the amount of time is needed to convince a buyer to commit. That’s what I learnt from my sales job selling expensive bicycles and parts.

Sometimes it’d take me a grand total of 2-3 hours (of combined repeated visits) to have a customer buy a $6,000 bike, or a pair of $10,700 bicycle wheels.

As a sales guy, if someone tells you that copywriting isn’t salesmanship in print, you know you’re listening to the wrong guy.

I got my set of Titans of Direct Reponse in February, and I must say that the material is beyond superb!

Brian Kurtz sent me the set, along with some really great gifts… He’s very, very generous that way, and for that, I’m very thankful.

I had also been eyeing Bill Jayme’s swipe file for a very long time, but hesitated a little because of the price (I have other financial commitments), so I was super happy when Brian included it, and along with other great books and dvds!

I found out about Bill Jayme from the bit of research I did, after reading about him in some of my copywriting and marketing books… But sadly, not much can be easily found on his work. The only collection of his work is from the Bill Jayme collection. Here’s the product description:

The Bill Jayme Collection: Master of Direct Mail Marketing is the first and only comprehensive collection of the greatest DM control packages ever written by the late Bill Jayme — dubbed “the magazine industry’s master solicitor” by The New York Times Magazine — and designed by his partner, graphic artist Heikki Ratalahti.

With this never-before-published collection of Bill Jayme direct mail packages in your hands, you’ll: … Master little-known copy and design principles … Possess a swipe file full of offers, headline ideas, and copy … Ignite your creativity and gain inspiration … Start each new copywriting assignment with greater confidence and nail the ideal creative approach faster and easier.

The Bill Jayme Collection includes 11 CDs (plus 1 bonus DVD) containing 210 individual direct mail efforts for 138 publications in PDF format, indexed by category and completely searchable.

With this invaluable collection, the perfect idea is as close as your swipe files.

Have a look at what Brian sent me:

Titans of Direct Response

My Titans of Direct Response set + bonus material, generously included by Brian Kurtz

Get yourself a Titans of Direct Response set before it’s gone! Also, take the time (about an hour) to go through the entire sales / landing page, and see how it draws you in and convinces you. It’s a masterful piece of copywriting in itself!

P.S. I gain nothing from sharing this, other than maybe having you gain knowledge and know-how from your purchase.

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