A Spot of Trouble Over Christmas… And What To Avoid

Drayton Bird had a bit of trouble with his websites over the Christmas and New Year holidays, thanks to some hosting problems… And his www.AskDrayton.com and www.DraytonBird.com websites were down, and strangely, redirected to a totally different site.

Anyway, turns out that he was using a host company that’s now owned by EIG.

Not sure who EIG is? Just know that you should avoid ANYTHING that’s owned by them. They’re like the reverse-Midas touch of good, reliable service.

What they provided was so bad that it caused Drayton’s PA, Kelly, to spend “most of her Christmas, Birthday and New Years on the phone to them trying to sort things out.

What things, you ask? Well just about everything. From e-mails to our website.

They are good at one thing though: they managed to reduce her to tears more than once.” (quoted from an email Drayton sent last week)

Don’t put yourself through all that pain! Here’s a link to a list of EIG companies to avoid: https://researchasahobby.com/full-list-eig-hosting-companies-brands/

If you want to know a good host provider, I strongly recommend Siteground. They’ve saved my skin more than a few times, solved the unsolvable, and respond to problems you have almost immediately. They’re not the cheapest out there, but they’re good. The extra difference you pay is worth it for the peace of mind you’ll get.

Click here to check them out. (And yes, it’s an affiliate link. I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t use myself, unless I know it’s really, really good)

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