You are the average of the company you keep

Y’know the saying how you’re the average of the company you keep? Here’s an idea for you… subscribe to Facebook groups which interest you, and are filled with people who are way more experienced and cleverer than you, plus also doing things you wouldn’t have dreamt of.

You can learn a lot of things from them, and apply it later when you have the opportunity.

For example, this great gem (by Jon Tarr, in a copywriting group I’m in) on how to script your pitch and sell or market your stuff like the top pros:

“I wanted to share an exercise that you may or may not find helpful.
I am an affiliate marketer (Super Affiliate) and run all kinds of offers. I have studied offer creation under guys like Travis Sago, Frank Kern, Harlan Kilstein and some others.

I have read stuff from legends like John Carlton and Gary Halbert and everyone in between.

I have swipe files for days on all things marketing

I have worked with many top Copywriters to write offers and create compelling copy.

Here is one thing I teach all of my clients, that you might find helpful as a Copywriter. (My clients are affiliates NOT copywriters…nothing for sale here)

1) Go to Clickbank and search for the Top 10-20 Products in the Marketplace
2) Watch the VSL
3) Transcribe the VSL (
4) Handwrite the Transcription
5) List out 15 Problems of the Market (Usually in the VSL)
6) What are 10 benefits of the product?
7) What are 10 ways the benefits “show up” in the lives of the prospect. More Money = New Car, ect
😎 What is the “Mechanism or Point of Difference” of the product.
9) Repeat

In my opinion the HARDEST thing to do in our business is create a “Point of Difference” or “Mechanism” that converts to cold traffic.

Since Clickbank lists it’s top products, you can be sure that they are “winners” and that these winners are converting to cold traffic.

In fact, these top offers are MONSTERS of the game, and they are usually written by some of the Very Best Copywriters in our industry.

If you are NOT studying them, I think you might find it helpful.
Of all the trainings I have purchased, I think that the #1 thing that has helped my succeed in my years as a marketer has been my understanding of the “Mechanism” or “Point of Difference”

An accelerated way to understand is to study these offers.
I just wanted to share because I love the community that Bond has put together here.


So there it is, if you want to improve and learn new things (you only have so much time in the world to learn, do and try new stuff, right?), go to groups or company which are full of people much better than yourself.

Thanks again, Jon Tarr, for the great insight and idea. You can check out his website here:

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