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How Can You, As a Parent, Retire Sooner?

Attending Robert Kiyosaki’s lunchtime chat session last week was quite interesting… Gleaned a number of insights which I found agreeable…

But as a parent, this is what has been on my mind for at least a year, and worries me.

Schools, perhaps all the way up to tertiary (or even uni?), don’t teach their students and our young about business, making money and keeping money!

I mean, can you find a Copywriting Club in secondary school? Or a Marketing Club? Or an Advertising Club? Something that draws out talents from students that let’s them earn their keep?

Children as young as 14 in America are making 5 figures a month by making websites, doing SEO, ads etc!

And what are our youth doing…?

Anyway, being in business for themselves also teaches them more than just profit and loss. They WILL learn about cashflow.

Lots of business owners NEVER think about cashflow.

Basically, if you do the work, you expect to get paid on time, right? Then when you can paid on time, you can pay your staff, pay the bills, pay yourself, buy meals for your family etc etc.

BUT…! What if you don’t get paid on time, and you don’t have cash flowing in as timely as you expected? You’ll be in HUGE trouble if you have bad cashflow.

Anyhow, I think it’ll do our young good if they have some sort of club in school which teaches them about money, how to make it, and how to keep it.

Or at least have some kind of “tuition” for it, rather than just the usual English, Maths, Science, second language etc…

What’re your thoughts? Do you think you’d like to be able to retire sooner if your 14 year old was already making 5 figures before he even graduates?

I know I do. LOL

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