Do you make these mistakes in love or your business’ marketing?

Do you make these mistakes in love or your business’ marketing?

Can you relate with Anonymous in the picture below? Did everything you could, was Mr Noice Guy etc, but the girl still chose SOMEONE ELSE over you?


It’s the same with marketing, isn’t it? You GIVE AWAY free content, free advice, free service, free samples, discounts etc… BUT they still AIN’T BUYING from you! What’s worse is, they’re buying from your COMPETITOR instead.

Feels like a hard slap on your face, doesn’t it?

You put in your time, effort, goodwill, bent over backwards etc.. only to be BETRAYED and feel betrayed, while the hot flush of anger coursed through your veins and made you promise to yourself NEVER to be Mr Noice Guy again.

But you KNOW, that that girl or client will come back to you for you to comfort them after they’ve been mistreated again. Then you feel sorry for them, your heart melts, you do all the noice things for them.. again. And they LEAVE you for someone else… AGAIN.

It’s a vicious cycle, UNLESS you know how to BREAK OUT of doing this to yourself.

I used to be like Anonymous, until I changed one little thing (or two) and did things SLIGHTLY differently.

The slight change WORKED for both my dating life (back before I got hitched, heh heh) and sales work… and got me, or the things I sold, to be the guy that someone was “suddenly MADLY IN LOVE with”.

Which would you rather be? Mr Anonymous here, OR the guy he’s secretly hating on for getting “his” girl?

The slight change you need to make is a little bit like how pro F1 drivers race. They make MINUTE corrections on their steering wheel to get and stay on the BEST racing line, and not with violent jerking of the wheel.

Little changes can be what WINS you the race, or the girl, or the client.

If you’re facing the same problem as Anonymous, whether in your dating life or with getting sales, drop me a message to discover the one or two PAINLESS little things you can do to change your results for the BETTER almost IMMEDIATELY.

The best part is, you can still be the Mr Noice Guy that you are… only you’ll be a MUCH SMARTER Mr Noice Guy.

Now, here’s THE CATCH. Most good advice is usually ignored or not acted upon UNLESS the person has paid for it either through experiencing heartbreak and other tough lessons, or out of his or her own wallet.

To discover the painless little things you can do to change your results almost immediately for the better (I’ve paid for them dearly through my own hard-won experience), be it in love or getting sales, all you’ll have to do in exchange is make a small payment of US$47 to me via PayPal.

But ONLY do it if you’ve decided you’ve have enough. Or if you’re sick and tired of ALWAYS feeling betrayed and angry over having your rival chosen instead of you, despite your best efforts.

For your success,

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