Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers

This one’s on “Branding”.

True story.

Was chatting with a friend today, and he shared how a member of his team had trouble getting a vendor/partner to go ahead with longer content…

Why? Because the partner (vendor?) insisted that shorter content was better… But it was only “better” because all they had been doing up till that point was “branding”, and weren’t accountable for nor measuring sales.

And I’m 100% sure their clients never bothered to ask about how much sales were actually made, because, well… “branding”. Nor, I’m guessing, did they make those guys accountable for the bottom line.

It takes longer content to tell a fuller story to try and make a sale (with or without quotation marks), which is something those “branding” guys never got. (“got” could be referring to “getting that you need longer content to sell”, or “sales”, since it works either way)

If you need to make sales because your company, employees and your next meal depends on it, you’ll find it’s always a pleasure to work with people who “get it”, and you’ll spend less time fighting and more time making money.

Hat tip to that team member, by the way. LOL

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