How to connect Traxxas TRX 4 or TRX 6 lights when using Hobbywing ESC

I recently got my hands on a very nice Traxxas TRX 6, and it came with a Hobbywing AXE ESC with 3300kV motor.

Which, as you’ve probably already found out, the Hobbywing doesn’t provide an output for the red JST connector which comes out from the Traxxas LED lighting module.

Connection options found

I scoured various Traxxas TRX 6 Facebook groups, and there were quite a number of posts sharing how to do it. Here’s a short list:

Option 1: Snip off the JST plug’s wires at the base of the Traxxas ESC, and then solder it to the battery plug on the new ESC.

Option 2: Make or get an adaptor so that the LED lighting module plugs directly into the battery’s balance plug.

Option 3: Have an JST adaptor with power coming out from the receiver.

So it seems like the Traxxas LED lighting module takes in whatever voltage is fed to it, and then steps it down to 3V (3 volts) to go into the (very nice) lights on the bodyshell.

Too much voltage?

A buddy shared with me that he burnt up his first lighting module when he went with Option 1. He also noted flickering lights and that the lighting module got very hot. Which led me to reason that too much voltage was going directly into it. Especially when we are running 3S LiPo (12.6V on full charge) on our trucks.

This also meant that Option 2 is out, since it’s also basically the same as Option 1, except it’s taking power from the balance plug or something.

The option that’s working for my TRX 6’s lights when using a Hobbywing ESC!

Long story short, here’s my connection diagram for connecting your Traxxas TRX 4 / TRX 6 lights while using a Hobbywing ESC:

How to connect Traxxas TRX-4 or TRX-6 lights when using Hobbywing ESC

Basically, I got a Y cable done up, with a JST connector forming one of the “Y”s. It was hooked up like you see in the diagram above. I’m happy to report that there has been no flickering of the lights, and the LED lighting module only gets very slightly warm from normal use.

Just make sure the BEC voltage going out from your ESC is 6V. This will place less stress on your LED lighting module, and you also won’t risk burning out your stock micro-servos.

Hope this helped you maintain the very nice Traxxas lights while using the Hobbywing ESCs!


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