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Arrma Mojave 6S tips and things to do before running!

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ARRMA recently released their very outstanding Mojave 6S 1:7 scale desert truck, and I came into possession of one too. Here are some things you should take note of, and not make the same mistakes I did!

1: Remove your wheel nuts and wheels, clean the metal hubs with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol, wait till dry, then put back your wheels and nuts with blue Loctite.

2. ARRMA apparently uses some really strong Loctite on the screws going into metal parts… So, if you don’t want to strip those little button head screws, especially if you’re trying to change the pinion gear (and have to unscrew the 2 sliding motor mount screws), heat the screws up with a good soldering iron or torch-type lighter. This is supposed to help liquefy or melt the thread lock they used, so it’ll be easier for you to unscrew the screws.

3. Use good hex tools like the ones made by MIP. Really helps preventing stripped button heads!

4. Your 4S batteries and motor might run hot on the stock gearing, so you might want to gear down by one or two teeth… But that’s entirely up to you.

5. The Mojave 6S is quite a good grass, sand and debris collector, depending on where you run it on! This means that your ESC fan can get jammed up and stop spinning… Which means you’ll have a hot ESC that can lead to safety shutdown. Cover the ESC fan with a mesh or mosquito net or…. stocking! You should be fine after that.

Overall, I daresay this is the best r/c I’ve enjoyed. It’s rather bombproof, has lots of power and even more fun! Grab one if and when you can, before it’s sold out again!

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3 Comments to “ Arrma Mojave 6S tips and things to do before running!”

  1. Jim says :Reply

    I bought one ck it over and tested it out on 50% power with factory default settings just to make sure it work out. Well I quickly realized I never had anything remotely close to be this fast and I never took it off 50% power but I did realize very quickly that I need a lot more area to drive in. When it go that fast it needs a good bit of area to shut down. This truck makes me feel 15 yrs. Younger living on the edge of out of control, what a great feeling !

  2. Jim Stark says :Reply

    I’m concerned about the heat as well so I’m going with ARA390300 35mm fan kit that screws right on the stock heatsink, I think it’s a good idea to drop a tooth or two, maybe we can get a little longer runtime between cool down periods. The truck will still be fast and move the torque curve a little lower.

    1. Theo De Roza - Direct Response Copywriter Singapore says :Reply

      True! Sorry for the late reply, Jim. Hope you’re having fun with your Mojave!

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