What Are You Good In?

What are you good in that you think you should do?

For those seeking to find out what to do or what they’re good in, here’s some good advice (and a list you should definitely do) from Perry Marshall to a someone who left him a note.
OK, here’s some things I’d like you to do… Good stuff to do over your morning coffee or whatever.
BTW what we’re ultimately looking for here is intimate knowledge of various microcosms in the world, where you may have sell-able skills.
BUT….. right now I don’t want you to think in terms of selling or jobs or all that while you’re doing this. That would be a limiting way to think of it right now.That can fall out of it later. For now, just
crank out the list o’ stuff.
-List every magazine you’ve ever subscribed to for any length of time
-Same for newsletters & various publications that you consistently enjoyed reading
-Every job or industry you worked in long enough to become really familiar – even if you’ve been out of it for a long time
-Every “group” that you’ve been a member of. Examples could be – golf, Presbyterian church, girl scouts, cancer survivors support group, bowling league, pottery making class, David Hasselhoff Fan
Club, horsemanship, stamp collecting, backgammon, owning rental property, investing, chess club, etc.
-Every major schooling / training / educational experience you’ve had (like travel to Africa or airplane mechanic school or nursing degree)
-Every hobby or fascination you’ve had
-5 topics you know a lot about, that most people don’t know you know a lot about
-Specific products, services or experiences that you have great familiarity with (like a washing machine that broke down so much, pretty soon you knew how to fix it better than the repairman)
-Topics you own more than 5 books on
-A story of 2 major personal victories from each of the following: childhood; teen years; early adult; recent adult. Tell what happened and what made you feel GOOD about it.
Why don’t you chunk on that for awhile and let me know what you come up with. I bet somewhere buried in that list is a marketplace that would pay money for your skills.
From that you can form a USP, determine something unique to sell, have a ready-made understanding of the customers who buy that sort of thing, and have a MUCH easier go of it.
If you in fact do have a solid grasp of basic direct marketing principles, then I DARE you to do this homework assignment – and I mean, do *everything* I just said to do right here – I dare you to do that and not have some kind of successful business that you are really proud of, 1 year from today.
Perry Marshall
P.S.: If some endeavor you’re pursuing has failed and failed and failed and is making you feel utterly sick on the inside, then STOP. Cut the ball and chain. It’s like that Stevie Nicks song “Stop dragging my heart around.” Don’t waste another minute on it, until you’ve found a completely and totally different way to approach it. Or just drop it entirely and find something else.”

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