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How To Make A $530 Sale In 5 Minutes

Something that I’ll note down myself too, since it sold to a “market” aware of the product but doesn’t know what it does. Useful for me to convert how I sell and what I said into salesmanship in print. This is what I did within 10 minutes of opening shop. 1. Tell what it does,
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How and where to get recognition… …and other warm fuzzy feelings that you might like too! As you can see, I like photography, and have dabbled in it for quite a bit. Joined a few competitions, placed as finalist in some – but this post isn’t really about me, so I won’t talk much about

Ten Ways to Get Sponsorship

Recently, I had a friend share with me how a company wanted her to sponsor something towards them, but that it was only a one way process where all the benefits goes to them, and nothing of value or worth goes towards her. Naturally, she didn’t give them anything. Whether you’re a company or an