On Copywriting and Horror…

45 books on copywriting, advertising and marketing in my library… Finished 3 so far, after maybe a month. Which says a lot on the huge amount of info these books have to be digested, especially when I am a speed reader!

I read maybe 2 diff (not sure if I mean “different” or “difficult”) books a day.

One during my commute (usually the lighter or smaller one) and another one (a bigger book like Drayton Bird‘s Commonsense Direct & Digital Mktg) at night or on weekends when I can sit down comfortably at the table to read. 

Definitely welcome the interrupted sleep I get from reading them before bed. Seems to have burned into my subconscious while my mind stayed active going through the new knowledge.

I’d better stock up on them coffee beans. LOL!

Other titles I recommend:

Marketing Mayhem, by Herschell Gordon Lewis (HGL)

On The Art of Writing Copy, also by HGL

Direct Marketing: Strategy, Planning, Execution, by Edward Nash

But before you dive into copywriting, find out first if it is something you like and can do well in.

Different people have different talents in selling. If say you dislike writing, and wanted to try copywriting, it’d be like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

You might end up frustrated by the lack of results, simply because that isn’t where your strength lies.

If you can, then take the Marketing DNA test on Perry Marshall’s site.

P.S. Did you also know that HGL is a renowned horror movie director? I didn’t know that too till I googled him and wondered how come the result led me to a movie director when I was looking for a copywriter!

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