Medical marketing in Singapore – Some ideas for you

Medical marketing in Singapore sure is tough! There are many rules and restrictions that can really tie your hands behind your back when it comes to marketing and publicising your clinic and services.

The PHMC and Statutes state, among others, that you cannot:

  • Publicise testimonials and reviews on your website
  • You can’t even provide a link to those testimonials
  • No using of lightboxes, LCD/LED screens for your ads
  • A photo of you (or your doctor client) can only be passport sized
  • No before and after photos
  • No promo/discounted/slash price stuff, you have to state the full price
  • To run an ad, you’ll have to apply for a permit
  • That permit number then has to appear in the ad
  • Your brochures have to have the date of publication

What’s the one thing you can do and almost control for your medical marketing?

Okay, here’s the thing, after you’ve optimized your website and SEO, did your good copywriting for your web content, ads and brochures… The one thing you cannot control is what people say about you and leave on your Facebook wall, it is…

Social proof by way of reviews (and word of mouth).

How can you control it?

How can you control what people say? This will take the effort of you (or your client) and your entire team of clinic staff.

It ain’t gonna be easy, but you gotta build your foundations right.

If you and your staff serve your patients well, and if they leave you glowing reviews on your Facebook or Google+, then that’s probably one of the best ways you can do your medical marketing.

Don’t forget, when it comes to marketing for your clinic, your hands are pretty much tied behind your back any other way…

Social proof is one of the better, if not best, tools for your marketing. Any good marketer and copywriter knows that.

So, strive to give good service. Always.

Oh, and please don’t try to get people to leave fake reviews, it’ll get uncovered sooner or later. Which, I’m guessing, is also why testimonials and reviews aren’t allowed on medical websites, huh…

When does medical marketing not work for you?

When you or your staff give poor service, that’s what. Like any other business, if and when your marketing and publicising works super well, it brings you customers and patients, right?

Now, thanks to your great marketing and advertising, you’ll probably get LOTS of patients. BUT when your patients get shoddy service and treatment, it means more and more people will get pissed off. And more and more people will start leaving you 1 star reviews on Facebook and Google+.

Which means, all your marketing and ad dollars just went down the drain, and your reputation will take time to recover from all the bad press.

What else can I do?

Honestly, this is what I intend to find out as well. I will try and see if what I learnt and know about direct marketing can be applied to medical marketing.

Though of course, some other things you can probably try – which will also require effort – is to write medical articles regularly (or get them published in the papers) to establish yourself as the go-to person for your field.

Newsletters is another thing you can do to spread your articles.

The one other thing you can think is… To find out what you’re really selling, which I talk about here.

All the best!


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