What marketers aren’t telling you about “powerful” 1000 watt vacuum cleaners

1000 watt vacuum cleaners sound powerful, almost like the horsepower figure you get from cars… But it also means that these guys consume more power to get the same job done.

Most store-bought vacuum cleaners are not very high on efficiency, whether bagged or bagless etc. It’s like comparing a 1000 horsepower truck vs a 400 horsepower lightweight sports car. The sports car will probably use less petrol while getting there faster.

How I interpret those power ratings

So, look past the marketing talk of “1000 watts” etc. (And those with HEPA filters can and will get clogged up after some time, leaving a peculiar odour as you vacuum the floor.)

How I now interpret such ratings is… “Hey bro, I need to use this much power to get the job done.”

Viable alternatives: Rainbow, Delphin or Hyla

If you want to save electricity while still having the same or more powerful vacuum cleaning capability, you may have to pony up $4k for a Rainbow, Delphin or Hyla vacuum cleaner.

They go up to 800 watts, if not slightly more… But their lowest setting (Hyla’s is fixed and not adjustable) is STILL more powerful than the highest setting of a store-bought cleaner.

Which means you use less power but your floor feels much cleaner.

Having seen or used all 3 brands, I’d say they do what they say they can do. And really get a lot of dust (and I’m assuming dust mites) off your floor and mattresses.

So how do you choose? And what’s the difference?

I have some engineering background, and appreciate something that’s designed well, so here’s my take on the differences:

(I’ve less points on the Rainbow because I’m not as familiar with it)


– Has a HEPA filter, which will need to be replaced.

– Water and dampness can enter the motor area due to separator design, which could cause a damp smell after some time. Water won’t enter and short circuit the motor, though.

– Probably as powerful as Delphin.


– No HEPA filter.

– Water and dampness can also enter the motor area, due to similar separator design. Also won’t cause a short circuit.

– Powerful.

– Hose a bit too stiff, can be tiring to work with. Also doesn’t swivel at its joint to help to untwist itself as you clean around the house.

– Need to roll up the power cord yourself and hang it on a bracket at the side.

– Has 2 (or was it 4?) slots for different vacuum heads.

– 2 swivelling castor wheels in front, fixed at the rear.

– Top unit with motor can be attached to the rolling base while the water “bucket” is left to dry after washing.

– Water bucket is less easy to wash due to smaller (than Hyla) top opening.


– No HEPA filter

– Sealed top unit with separator attached directly to motor shaft. Was told that no water or dampness can enter.

– Doesn’t feel as powerful as Delphin or Rainbow.

– Hose is pliable, doesn’t resist and won’t tire you out.

– Need to roll up the power cord yourself, but it stows away nicely at the top.

– Has 8 slots for different vacuum heads.

– 8 slots are just above the swivelling castor wheel at all 4 corners.

– Top unit with motor can’t be attached to rolling base, so you’ll have to put it somewhere to dry too.

– Water “bucket” has a convenient handle for you to carry it (just like a bucket!), which also doubles up as a locking mechanism to the top unit.

– Water bucket is easy to wash cus it really is like a bucket.

– Rubber hose (if you happen to use it for wet work) can be dried by plugging one end to the front, and the other end in the rear, and switching on the vacuum cleaner. The other two brands can’t do this.

How to choose:

– If you really absolutely need a HEPA filter: Rainbow

– If you need something a bit more powerful: Rainbow / Delphin

– If you like something that is more thoughtfully designed and has a softer, more pliable hose: Hyla

All 3 brands have mixed after-sales reviews, total averaging 1.5 to 3 stars, based on the ones I Googled and read. It seems that the salesperson attending to you makes the difference. I also hope that the respective HQ offices can provide much better after-sales service that will help inspire confidence in the brands that they are trying so hard to sell.

After all, no one wants to buy something so expensive and then find that they’re screwed when it comes to the service or part replacement they’ll eventually need, right?

Anyway, lemme know if you’ve any questions on Delphin vs Hyla. I don’t sell nor get any commission from both, but am happy to share what I know.

After all, if you’re thinking to buy one of these, it ain’t a small sum! Good to have and use if you’ve children with eczema, sensitive skin and noses.

Cheers. 🙂

P.S. Have a comment or think I missed something out? Let me know in the comments!

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