How To Get More Sales As a Dentist… Salesperson?

Went to the dentist today and I think she’s a pretty decent salesperson too. Or at least she’s doing something that gets her extra sales. So what did she do to get more sales?

When my scaling and polishing was almost finished, she asked if I wanted to have a fluoride treatment. Being cautious, I asked how much it’d be, since I didn’t want to spend too much more. And I didn’t know just how expensive the extra would be.

She replied that it was (a mere) $10 extra, so I said OK.

(Imagine if you had a clinic, did 20 such treatments a day, and made an extra $6,000/month… Which means an extra $72,000/year!)

Now, I think this wouldn’t have worked if she asked me right at the start. But because I was already Committed, it was easy to say Yes, especially since the extra wasn’t too expensive.

You’d probably have also come across this tactic if you read Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational. If not, do get that book if you’re interested to either increase your sales, or get to know your brain better. 😂

During my scaling, the dentist remarked (nagged?) that my last visit was 3 years ago, and that I should come every 6 months. It was then that I realised time flies really fast. My daughter is also 3, which means my last visit was some months after she was born.

The marketing gears in my brain started turning and thoughts came into my head on how I’d be emailing, calling or messaging customers more often to remind them to come. People like me who are so busy (or neglectful) would come more often, which means more earnings for the clinic!

Anyhow, this also reinforces my thought that every person in an organisation, no matter how highly or lowly “ranked”, contributes to sales. 🙂

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